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Posted By: Frank  Carroll
Boston has recently embraced a trend that started in cities such as New York and San Francisco - "micro apartments." Micro apartments offer young professionals a small and efficient living space in the heart of the city for a more affordable price. Attractive to many single people in their 20's and 30's, these units are typically the size of a hotel room and range from less than 300 square feet to over 500 square feet.

Posted By: Frank  Carroll
Whether you have heard it yet or not, finding an apartment in Boston when you have a dog can be a serious challenge! This is all the more reason you should hire an experienced knowledgeable real estate agent to help steer your search in the right direction.

Posted By: Frank  Carroll
Frequently, due to the inability to travel in person to Boston to view apartments, a person may have no choice but to rent an apartment without seeing it until the move-in day. This is commonly called a "Sight Unseen Rental."

Posted By: Frank  Carroll
It is very important to be proactive with your move. Move-in trucks are often fully reserved months in advance of September 1 and many other popular move-in dates in Boston

Posted By: Frank  Carroll
Here are some of the more overlooked yet important items to consider when viewing apartments. Many of these will directly affect your quality of life while living in the apartment.

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