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Posted By: Frank  Carroll

Here are some of the more overlooked yet important items to consider when viewing apartments. Many of these will directly affect your quality of life while living in the apartment.

1. Check Cell phone signal -- Make sure you get a signal in all of the rooms where you will be using your phone, including the bathroom!

2. Measurements -- Make sure your furniture will fit and measure hallways into the building as well to make sure it will fit through when you move in..

3. Water pressure -- Check bathroom and kitchen for water pressure and for the time it takes for hot water.

4. Ambient noise -- Pay attention to noises from neighbors, traffic, generators, etc. Is there a building going up or being renovated next door that will mean construction noise starting at 7 am on weekdays? Who lives above the unit?-- can you hear them walking when you are in the apartment?

5. Lighting / View -- What is the sun light in the apartment like? Consider the weather on the day you are seeing the unit-- is it cloudy or sunny? Is the building right next to another building that may block your view?

6. Fresh air -- Many highrises have windows that do not open. Is the apartment above a restaurant?

7. Elevator capacity -- Will you be able to move your furniture into the elevator? Do you ride a bike that will be able to fit int the elevator?

8. Heating situation -- Can you control heat or does your landlord? Be mindful of units you look at in summer time. Ask about average heat costs in winter and how heat is regulated.

9. Neighbors -- Find out the type of tenants who live in the other units. Are they students? Do they work full time? Do they have dogs or cats you may be allergic to or which make noise?

10. Trash -- Is there a trash room in the building or do you have to wait for trash pick-up which is normally only twice per week in Boston?